Monday, November 2, 2009

Sew Something Month

Hello! So today, on Creative Little Daisy's blog she's decided that this month is officially "Sew Something Month". How handy is it that I had already decided to write a post about fabric and sewing today?

So I photographed my Holiday material, and then realized I have *ALOT* of pretty material. Granted, my fabric stash is much smaller than mom's, but considering it has to compete for the limited space in my 700ft apt with my yarn, roving and spinning wheel, well. That's alot. Never you mind that my sewing machine, rolling sewing cart and 3 huge project kits are at my moms saving me space. This is just the stored stuff. I'd already decided that I needed to sew this stuff up, but I'm at a total loss. The only thing I've planned thus far is to make a holiday apron out of poinsettia and gold material: (the top two fabrics)

Of course then there is the stocking and misc material:

Don't forget the regular stuff and Santa panel:

and of course the prime goods. The stuff I'd dearly love to use but don't know what would do it justice:


See what I mean? That's just the holiday fabric. Gah! SO suggestions, Comments, ideas, patterns, *anything* would be greatly appreciated. It would certainly help if I could just concile myself to having my decorating theme be the traditional red/gold/green combination, but my apartment is like that year round (I'll do pictures to prove it later) and I so desperately would love to have it be silver/dark purple/green. But I think it'd clash with the 3 big color pieces int eh apartment (yellow couch, red/gold rug the hubby bought home from Iraq for me and the green/red/gold curtains we have). Help!


  1. Personally I would make the fabric into table runners, place mats and cloth napkins to give as gifts. Then you can use up the fabric, give it to people who can use it for their Christmas/Yule decor, and make pretties all at once. :)

  2. I was thinking table runner, place mats, stocking for Christmas, tree skirt, decorative pillow covers (to change out seasonaly) and hot pads for serving food.