Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quilt Run

Happy Saturday! Yesterday, my mom, two of her friends and myself went on a mini quilt run to nine of the local shops in the "area". Some we like more than others, but most are lovely and run by lovely people. Along the way we saw this stunning home, and while I took pictures, sadly only two came out nice. I'll have to go back later with the good camera.

This archway I assume, leads to the front door. Everything is covered in ivy, flowers and plants. It is such a gorgeous home!


We had a lovely and grand time, and I really didn't spend much since money needs to be spent elsewhere but here is what I did get. THe left side of the picture is what I bought, the right are the free fat quarters and (not shown) free patterns each shop gave out.
What amuses me is the Christmas material with the bells on a black background have little penticals inside the bells. From my favorite shop, which isn't surprising since the owners are quietly Pagan. And my mom, because she loves me, bought me this wonderful Panel-any suggestions on what I should do with it? I was thinking of framing 2 and making pillows from 2. But I'm open to suggestion!!

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  1. Fabric with the urns is beautiful, great find. Clarice