Sunday, November 15, 2009

Beef Steeeeeeeew

So I attempted to cook today. Now, usually this doesn't go so bad. I follow directions and all is well. This time however was a resounding failure. A nasty, make your stomach not-quite-the-thing mess. But it started out so well!!!

All but the beef assembled and good to go.

The potatoes and what would eventually be too many carrots (and the gratitudious ring shot. :} ). But cut up and cleaned ever so nice.

I mean, it even looks good cooking!!!! That looks yummy. I put it on low heat on a timer for 3 hours. Thank the gods I'm paranoid about this sort of thing and stirred and checked the pot every half hour. At the hour and a half mark, when the apartment was smelling yummy, I went to stir it and saw that it was A: Mushy and B: the spoon hit resistance. Digging deeper I discovered the bottom layer had blackedned and burned into a foul-burnt coffee sort of mess. I quickly turned the heat off and salvaged what I could.


That was one mushy mess. I ate a bowl, decided that there is no way I could stomach another and tossed it out. Thankfully my water runs as hot as scalding so the burned blackened mess didn't ruin my pot, and it's clean and shiny again. I think I'll stick to spaghetti for tomorrow.

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