Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Quilt

Hello Everyone! How was your Halloween spent? Mine was interesting. In the morning I went and paid my respects to my grandparents grave and cleaned it up a bit. Afterward, my mom and I went to a quilt shop and bought some material 9yea for gift cards!) then I headed home to bug the hubby for a bit. We wandered around the "Old World Village"-a cute shopping center made to look like a German village with shops on the bottom floor and apartments on the top. Sad thing is it's not doing all that great. What happens is people buy the unit then just rent out the apt leaving the shop empty, so there's not much foot traffic for the ones who DO have shops. Ideally, if I was a shop keeper (Tea parlor anyone?) I'd love to do it there.

After that we went back to my parents where he watched weird internet videos with my dad and mom and I spent our time making these:

Cute, adorable Halloween wall hangings. Now I just need to save up enough money to send it off to be quilted. :) And NOW I can start thinking about my holiday sewing.

Keep your home in your heart! (is that too cheesy? what do you think?)

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