Wednesday, November 4, 2009

20 Things I'm Grateful For

I (as many of you know I'm sure) received less than stellar news today and it's really thrown me in a funk. So that being said, it's the perfect time to make a gratitude list. I'm a firm believer in them and even when I'd really like to smash a piece of cookware upside someone's head, I make one. So here's mine:

1: My husband and his love
2: My Best Friend
3: My Family
4: My School Friends
5: My Reclaiming The Home friends (rav link)
6: Being able to Knit
7: Being able to sew
8: Having a roof over my head
9: Having food in my fridge (erm..well, when I remember to grocery shop anyway)
10: Hot tea and cold nights
11: Books, because they've gotten me through so much
12: That I'm an intelligent, smart woman
13: That I've the self-confidence to say, "I'm Pretty" or "Damn I look good today"
14: My Iphone (because it's so useful)
15: Being inspired by nature
16: Being able to sing
17: Being able to be creative
18: The ability to appreciate what I have
19: My Religion
20: Never taking my husband for granted

And as an extra:
21 My husband being able to put up with my charming self and indulging me. You've got to love that.

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  1. If you had a love button on here, I'd totally click it for you!