Thursday, September 30, 2010

House cleaning!

Hello? Is anyone still here? (looks around) Man this place is dusty and out of use. Hmmm. Must fix that...

*dust dust dust*

I don't know that it's any better but it's a start! Lets see now where did I last leave off? January!?! Eek. Clearly I have allot of cleaning to do (I've pictures to share...*wince*). I have been crazy busy this year and wasn't really able to type (or knit-cry) from about April until, well, now. I've tendinitis in my left arm that I've been going to Physical Therapy for so it's been slowing down everything. My Husband also deployed back in May so i moved back in with my parents (again). And aunt passed away, my final school semester started and I got an office job (my first). Oh, and I feel head over heels in love with Jane Austen and all things pertaining to her. Pride and Prejudice (the 1995 BBC version) doesn't leave my DVD player (honestly) and I'm on my 4th reading of the book. (I've watched the DVD 20+ times)That also means I've gotten into English Country Dancing and having tea parties and I've a ball coming up in TWO DAYS!! If you click HERE it'll give you the So Cal Dance/Ball info.

Anywhoodles, That's all a huge lead up to say my home is a disaster. By home I mean my bedroom, bathroom, and family room that I've taken over but share part of with my mom for quilting purposes. Ahem. I've even got a storage unit since, indeed you can't put an apartment's worth of stuff into a house that already has stuff.

Speaking of stuff, I'm also going to do a major clean up! If it stops being ungodly hot. So Cal was in the 100+ this week but is "supposed" to cool down. How I envy people on the East coast. Fall here is still summer alas. So there's a little quick update for you and I'll show you some pictures another time (my arm is hurting) well, if I can stand the shame.