Friday, October 30, 2009

Puttering Around

So i was all set to go out and get pictures of my new shawl, some things around the house and perhaps some fabric I am thinking of using to make a new holiday apron.... But alas. No one was able to take pictures of me with my shawl that I wore today as a scarf/kerchief thing and while some house hold pictures did get taken hubby came home VERY early (and unexpected) from work. Which was fabulous! We treated ourselves to pizza (which, of course, I'm now regretting...when will I learn?) and playing computer games...well until I fell asleep at 8 pm that is.

But before all that, I did start a new pair of socks from Tilli Thomas *Cashmere* yarn that friend gave me for my birthday this past year. It's called Tilli Thomas Milian and the colorway is hydrange which is pastel blue, purple, pink, and pale, almost white green. I'm improvising the design and like it so far. It's just two simple cables down the front but I'm a little irked because looking at it, i should have made it three. I just don't want to rip it out... again :)

Tomorrow is Samhain (or Halloween for those non-religious) and so I'm expecting fun stuff. I think the hubby and I are going to pick out a pumpkin and carve it, I'd like to visit the graves of my grandparents and my recently passed on cousin. We'll have to see what happens. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and thanks for bearing with me while I get the proverbial (and literal) kinks out.

Keep your home in your heart! (I'm going to have to learn how to say that in Latin. :D)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Wench at Home

Hello world!

I'm TheWench in most knitting circles so you may know me from there. I've got a knitting blog that has kind of morphed into a knitting/sewing/life blog and while I enjoy it, and will keep up with it, I've been getting interested in writing a Home blog. So that's where this ones comes in.

This blog is going to pertain to all things about my home and what I do to make it a home. From learning to cook, to sewing, to (yes) knitting, decorating, cleaning, moving, nesting and the general what have you. I want to it be inspirational, educational, and creative and FUN! That's the game plan.

So, until next time (which, knowing me, will be sooner rather than later) keep your home in your heart!