Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Wench at Home

Hello world!

I'm TheWench in most knitting circles so you may know me from there. I've got a knitting blog that has kind of morphed into a knitting/sewing/life blog and while I enjoy it, and will keep up with it, I've been getting interested in writing a Home blog. So that's where this ones comes in.

This blog is going to pertain to all things about my home and what I do to make it a home. From learning to cook, to sewing, to (yes) knitting, decorating, cleaning, moving, nesting and the general what have you. I want to it be inspirational, educational, and creative and FUN! That's the game plan.

So, until next time (which, knowing me, will be sooner rather than later) keep your home in your heart!

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