Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I was all set to display the pretty lighting the world deemed fit to show this evening while I sat at home by myself. Took all kinds of pretty pictures and then...realized I didn't have a sd card in my camera. Gah. I'll try to salvage something but for now...

Wow. What a weekend it was. I'm still recuperating. Last Thursday was dinner at my bffs house, Friday was the dress rehearsal for her wedding, Saturday was the wedding (crazy fun and when I get pictures I'll post some) then Sunday was the USMC ball then Monday morning I had to take the hubbs to work at an un-godly hour so he could leave me for a month or so for training. I slept over 14 hours Monday, missing my Latin class (gah again), slept more after work last night and am already tired but I'm determined to go to knit night tonight...I think.

But since I have no new lovely pictures for you of my house, here's one of us at the ball. It's by far my favorite and I can't get over how, well (pardon the vanity) amazing we look. The dress was borrowed from my bff's mom, clearly the woman has amazing taste.


Now for myself, I'm off to sit in traffic for 35 minutes to go 10 miles or so. Ta!

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  1. Wow! you guys look are right she does have great taste, the dress is fantastic!