Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just a Quick one

Hello everyone! I've been away first due to the holidays and then second because I've been nesting with the hubby and staying in mostly. I'm working on a new ("real") post and will get that up soon. But! I took this quiz over on Sproost-it's about what is your decorating style and I got:

Wine Country Style
Tuscan sun, here we come! The Wine Country Style reflects the feelings evoked by the seaside regions of Europe such as the South of France, Spain, Italy and Greece. The style manages to be both refined and casual, such that you can mix beautiful antiques with more rustic wrought iron or wood and the result is both sophisticated and cozy. Furniture is large and comfortable, colors are bright and cheery, and regardless of the color palette the spaces almost always feel warm. You can easily translate the style into the perfect family environment but you can just as easily emphasize the more formal pieces and make your room the perfect adult getaway.
50% Wine Country Style
33% Nantucket Style
17% Traditional Country

And once I get pictures going again (or glimpse through old ones) it's totally us. Although we do like to say our *very specific* to us style is: Dark&Light Traditional meets Gypsy Caravan.

:) More later!


  1. I got French eclectic, but my actual home is much more "shabby chic meets eccentric 19th-century Englishman." I have a feeling that category wasn't an option, though ;)

  2. LoL, ditto on mine. I doubt they'd have anything that had "gypsy" and "English Traditional" in the same sentence